Karine Ricard – School Board Trustee Candidate (French)

Bio Karine Ricard

Born and raised in Montreal, I completed theatre studies in Ste-Hyacinthe. For the past 15 years, I have been a professional actor in Toronto working both on stage and on camera. As a board member of Groupe Théâtre Novo, I have worked to promote the arts in Ontario’s francophone community.

My two passions in life are the theatre and my role as a mother of two beautiful children, both enrolled in a Viamonde elementary school.

Having taught at Collège Jean-de-la-Mennais Secondary School in Montreal for five years, I have first-hand knowledge of what is involved in the smooth running of a school.

I am an excellent communicator and I seek to work collaboratively.

As a member of the team Rêvons en grand I believe that each trustee has the responsability and privilege of representing their school community at the board table while collaborating and respecting our francophone school community and the other members of the school board in an open and transparent way. I want to honour the constitutional right of our francophone students to a quality, equivalent education to that of their anglophone peers.

My objectives are to:

  • Ensure parents’ voices be heard and be taken seriously by the Viamonde board.
  • Promote transparency at the Viamonde board-level during discussions, debates and decision-making.
  • Ensure that every possible action be taken so that francophone students have equivalent opportunities to their anglophone peers, in French-language schools that are equivalent to neighbouring English ones.

As a parent myself, I am committed to listening to what parents have to say and I will endeavour to have their concerns heard and respected at the school board level.

This is my pledge if I am elected French public school trustee for York.

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