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Matt Maddocks

By Matt Maddocks. My name is Matt Maddocks. I’ve been invited to post here at community FOCUS to target the political landscape and issues of community interest here in Aurora.

I’m a political junkie, and have a deep-rooted respect for democracy. I’m amazed sometimes when I hear a group, denied of some issue they sought exclaim that the democratic system is at risk, that we’ve witnessed an affront. This sort of rhetoric represents a basic lack in the understanding of democracy; democracy, among other things, means that you can’t always get what you want (but sometimes, you get what you need). Democracy is government by and for the people. It’s unabashedly and brutally fair, and is the best system of governance in the world.

“Free speech is a right that I place amongst the most important rights we have as free-born citizens.”
Free speech is a right that I place amongst the most important rights we have as free-born citizens. Here in Aurora, we’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to witness one of the most egregious attacks on this fundamental right. We must never forget the deliberate assault that was leveled directly at 3 Aurora families, and indirectly at the entire town and our inherent freedom to criticize the government.

I often attend Town Council meetings. This is democracy at work, live and in real time. There’s no shortage of relevant issues being dealt with by our elected representatives – nine individuals who were charged with the mandate to serve at the will and trust of 55,000 Aurora taxpayers. Each Councillor required to execute their oath with due diligence, with the utmost respect to our tax dollars and for the protection, health, and growth of the town. Is Council living up to their commitment? Have they represented all of Aurora to the best of their ability? Let’s talk about it.

I crave debate, and invite readers here to comment freely. I welcome both agreement and challenge of my views. Abraham Lincoln once said “to sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men“. Our community needs us, let’s start to make some noise. Cheers.

Matt Maddocks, Point of Privilege
Aurora, ON 

Matt Maddocks, Town of Aurora
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    Well stated Matt.

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