Interesting Read: Death of Golf, Highland Gate in Aurora’s Case

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I did attend two Highland Gate Golf Development public meetings. It is going to be an interesting development in our community; I think. Majority are not in favour of the proposed residential and high density development on the former Highland Gate Golf Club; closed down November 9th, 2014. If the development goes through, then majority are also concerned about the construction that will take place, presumably as long as two years.

Having said that I came across this interesting article about future of the golf courses, The Death of Golf by Karl Taro Greenfeld. I must agree with the writer’s many reasons; were some are just because the new generation has totally different interests and definitely limited attention span for golfing. Perhaps, next time when you are considering buying your dream home backed to the golf course for just a view, think twice.

There just isn’t the interest we used to have 14, 15 years ago,” he says. “Now I have kids showing up who have never hit a golf ball before. Kids are just less aware of golf. They have too many other options. And then when they find out it takes five and a half hours to play 18 holes, they’re just not interested.

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The Death of Golf

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