Doors Open Aurora, St. Andrew’s College (SAC)

Doors Open Aurora

I had been eyeing to visit St. Andrew’s College (SAC) (Town of Aurora, Ontario, Canada) for a long time now. I was just curious to see this hidden facility that I had driven by so many times on Yonge Street in Aurora. The opportunity came during the Doors Open Aurora event last Saturday (August 15th, 2015). Stepping into the institutional building it reminded me of my university years spent at the University of Toronto. St. Andrew’s College is a very prestigious and historic school, and specious. The architecture is beautiful and well maintained.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” — Leonardo da Vinci
I know that this is an academic institution, but I would also call it a self-sustainable museum that lives and breaths; an academic institution that is full of history and unique academic culture. The walls filled with photographs and corresponding names, sometimes only names from the past; new frames waiting to be filled in the future. All that attended are remembered in writing and in pictures. Those who worked there are remembered as well. Collages of student body shine on almost every wall of this institution. Academic and athletic achievements captured in pictures and trophies on display as well. Institution images preserved in paintings and beautiful sketches by students who attended there. Contributors are named.

I don’t know how much to write about the place. The pictures of the St. Andrew’s College speak for themselves. It is summer now. The school life could only be imagined.

She used to be my teacher,” he told her as they both stopped by the wall where the painting and photograph of a beautiful young woman was hanging.

Anna Lozyk Romeo, Editor’s Notes
Aurora, ON

Copyright 2015 Anna Lozyk Romeo / Living in Aurora

Doors Open Aurora, Doors Open

St. Andrew’s College, Yonge Street, Aurora, Ontario

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