Daniel Lajeunesse – For Aurora Council

A candidate focused on intelligent urbanism, health and local business growth

Over the next 4 years, Aurora will face some of its greatest decisions and greatest moments. Rapid development, urban sprawl, increased traffic, facilities operating at or above capacity and the future of its downtown core as a destination location for shopping, eating and experiencing Aurora.

My work experience dealing with towns, cities and regions to find and deploy the best, most cost effective and modern solutions make me a unique candidate to ensure that not only will Aurora keep its small town charge but also stay connected and a destination community for employers and families (young and old).

By focusing on the three pillars below, Aurora will grow yet remain the town we love, staying a safe and enjoyable community.

  • Intelligent urbanism (controlled and smart development, smart traffic solutions, protecting green scapes and natural landscapes…)
  • Health and fitness (public facilities, engagement, safe sidewalks…)
  • Local business growth (shops, businesses, home offices, startups…) .

Please reach out to discuss, I am available to you to talk and would truly enjoy the opportunity.

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