Aurora-Youth-Writes Project Initiative – Writing Opportunities for Town of Aurora Youth

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In addition to all the opportunities community FOCUS LivingInAurora.COM offers (views/opinions posting, your stories) we would like to add one more important dimension – an initiative project called Aurora-Youth-Writes.

“We are all about balance, there is no right or wrong, there is only your view.”
We would like to get our youth to regularly participate in the community FOCUS. We want Town of Aurora youth to speak for themselves in any form of writing on any topic that includes Aurora, even if it only means living in Aurora.

We encourage youth participation in the community FOCUS and would like to introduce a few writing perspectives for you to consider.  We want to hear your voice as – a young town critic, a young politician, an art critic, a sports commentator, even express yourself via cartoon or poem. These are just a few common suggestions.

As a young writer you don’t have to write just about youth, you can write about the adult world as well. Regular writers will be given a regular column opportunity, a great way to share a portfolio. The Aurora-Youth-Writes initiative is offered to Aurora youth 13 years of age and up. However, if you are younger and want to contribute as well you can always have your parents or teachers publish your work.

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” ~ Aristotle
The project initiative is named Aurora-Youth-Writes because we would like to develop a sustainable community as a whole where youth opinions and contributions are accounted for, differentiated from the crowd, and at the same time blended in to the adulthood. Youth contribution in the community FOCUS will promote two way success by encouraging future writers, critics or journalists and establishing a sustainable community FOCUS site for the Town of Aurora.

We are all about balance, there is no right or wrong, there is only your view.

Talk to us – write to us.

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Aurora-Youth-Writes, Town of Aurora

[1] Volunteers, Mayor’s Anti-Litter Day 2012, Town Park, Photography by Anna Lozyk Romeo.

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