Arctic Adventure 2014 Family Day at the Town Park in Aurora

Arctic Adventure

This was another fun and sunny annual Arctic Adventure Family Day at the Town Park, February 17, 2014. Yes sunny! This was our third year coming out to Arctic Adventure and my photos do not lie – third year enjoying a sunny Family Day.

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~ John Ruskin
However, it was not the warmer winter day I anticipated. The bon-fire looked very inviting when we got to the park. We arrived in the early afternoon hoping that it would be warmer than the morning. But then what was I thinking – an Arctic Adventure is supposed to be cold.

Finally this year Town of Aurora got the skating rink going where it was supposed to be. I don’t remember what happened a couple of years ago during Arctic Adventure, but last year every one was skating at the baseball diamond. This year’s cold winter brought piles of snow for children to climb and play in. We had plenty of ice and snow – a real Canadian winter that we should not complain about. I bet it wasn’t that easy to perform in the band-shell today as well but Aurora Teen Idol 2013 Samantha Ryan did her best.

I captured a community moment today during the Arctic Adventure, but I also captured something I usually do not pay attention to. The Town Park, located at Mosley and Wells Streets is not just an ordinary park in Aurora, it is Aurora’s only historic park.The park is an historic place surrounded by many known buildings. On the west side of the park resides former Wells Street Public School. The Lennox House on the left side of the school and the Aurora Masonic Hall on the right, the home of The Rising Sun Lodge #129. On the east side of the park, same side as the playground more to the north we have the Aurora Armoury, now closed. The park itself is surrounded by beautiful mature trees.

The Town Park in Aurora is a place in the Aurora community where residents gather on a regular basis – and I think it is safe to call Town Park our Aurora community social gathering place. It is great to have the Arctic Adventure event so we can gather at least once in the winter time at the town’s favorite park.

Anna Lozyk Romeo, Editor’s Notes
Aurora, ON

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